[microsound-announce] mem1 "Aurelia" on MPRNTBL

Glenn Bach glenncbach at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 11:32:25 EST 2009

Here is the latest free download on MPRNTBL:



"As with most of mem1's performances, Aurelia is a structured 
improvisation based upon a series of instructions predetermined by the 
performers. This piece explores the extremes of the sonic spectrum, 
starting with sparse pizzicati and growing into thick, nebulous 
soundscapes. About halfway through, the piece begins thinning out, and 
the focus shifts to the use of bowed harmonics and subtle variations in 
timbre. As these sounds are manipulated, they become more textured and 
bubbly, with occasional disruptions, before finally settling into a 
weightless calm."

Recorded live (premiere) at Orange County Museum of Art, 850 San 
Clemente Drive, Newport Beach, CA, March 23, 2006.

mem1 (Laura Thomas-Merino, cello; and M. Cera, electronics)

MPRNTBL is a net label dedicated to quiet music, lowercase, free 
improvisation, field recordings, analog noise, and collaborative 
soundscapes. Forthcoming releases from Intense Situations of Peril, 
smgsap, and MPU.

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