[microsound-announce] The Oo-Ray's shoegaze cello debut on Luvsound [320kpbs MP3 + Limited CDR]

erik schoster erik at luvsound.org
Mon Mar 2 03:48:11 EST 2009

Hi all -

Apologies for the promotional nature of this email, but I'm incredibly
excited to finally be able to announce the release of The Oo-Ray's
debut Luvsound album entitled Magnifications.  If you're even a little
bit into drones or shoegaze rock please do give this a listen.
Magnifications is something on the order of My Bloody Valentine for
cello and laptop.  It's dense, soaring, fuzz-soaked and triumphant

You can download the record here:  http://www.luvsound.org/releases/view/luv022

We're also now accepting preorders for the limited edition CDR version
of this record which comes with buttons, postcards, and a special
little booklet including liner notes written by Disquiet's Marc
Weidenbaum. There is also twenty-four minutes of live remastered bonus
material! The packaging itself is hand-assembled in my brand new
bedroom assembly line and the artwork is printed locally in New York
at a small independent printer.


Erik Schoster

music: www.hecanjog.com / www.cedarav.com
community: www.luvsound.org / www.lovelymedia.org

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