[microsound-announce] exp051 - nigel samways - veilleru de nuit

Jeremy Bible experimedia at gmail.com
Fri Jan 30 11:41:59 EST 2009

nigel samways
veilleur de nuit
Experimedia brings you the new EP from English sound artist Nigel
Samways is part audio diary, part sonic love letter to the city of
Paris. Based around field recordings made on the rainy streets of a
night time metropolis - we find memories from magnetic tape & digital
disc resurfacing to drift amongst re workings of multiple versions of
Cole Porter's standard 'I Love Paris'. Here, distant jazz piano
dissolves into steaming kitchen doorways emerging from labyrinthine
side streets in an evocation of a personal recollection. This work
constitutes a companion piece of sorts to his previous "Mestre Full
Stop" EP which was based around field recordings made around Venice,
In a strange tale of coincidence... our friend Christian at the
[url=http://restingbell.net]Resting Bell[/url] label just released
their rb051 release today!

Jeremy Bible
Experimedia - record label + mailorder shop + a/v arts (est.2000)

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