[microsound-announce] New AV Work

Damian Stewart damian.ml at frey.co.nz
Tue Jan 20 14:48:19 EST 2009

devslashnull wrote:
> http://vimeo.com/2379275
> would love to know what people think.


my 2c: i really like the concept and the details of the execution - i think 
it was let down by the actual music. i totally know what you're going for 
with the repeated bass note/moving between two tones thing - it's something 
that i love to dream about with as well - but in this case i don't think it 
suits the material. you had my total attention until about 1:00 when i 
wanted _something else_ to happen.

i'm writing in particular because i struggle with a related issue in my own 
live sets: i get stuck on particular harmonic regions and have to force 
myself to move on, because my audience most likely has a shorter attention 
span than i do.

would be interested in your thoughts on this (especially if you think i'm 
wrong to be struggling with the short attention span thing).

also you might really like Chris Abrahams work - especially his album 


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