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*Artist:* RJ Valeo
*Catalog #:* trans.003
Purchase: link is here <http://transelectronic.net/v2/archives/217>

Originally released on cassette in Jan 1997 as "Transelectronic Theory -
Sunrise". Sunrise was recorded on the floor of my bedroom studio from
September - November of 1996.

Looking back at this release, and listening to it again, I realized how one
of the tracks was just out of place, so just like Lucas would have done, I
took the opportunity to replace the track with one that was better suited
from the same time period. The new track replaces the old one at the second
to last place in the original track lineup. In addition I have included 1
additional track from the same time period. I would have included it
initially, but I was limited to 60 minute cassettes and the songs simply
didn't fit, thus making this the definitive "Sunrise" release.

This release used hardware for all of the sounds. The partial gear list is:
Korg Monopoly, Roland Juno 106, Roland S-550, Roland R-70, Roland TR 909,
Korg Pandora, Oberheim Matrix 1000, Oberheim OB-1, Yamaha SY-22, Yamaha
TX81Z, Alesis Midiverb and a few other pieces of gear.

All of the songs were done in the "performance to DAT" methodology, in which
I would get all of my parts together and do a live performance of the song
and capture it on DAT for the final version. So, in a simple sense all of
these are "live takes" in the studio. The object of this release was to
capture the feeling of a sunrise in sound - that magical moment when the sun
shows itself for the first time in a day, and I am really happy with the
result. I have put this on my iPod and it seems to work wonders for a subway
ride, or for some other activity that you can simply "be in the moment" for.

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