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Andrew Duke andrew at andrew-duke.com
Fri Jan 2 22:16:56 EST 2009

no microsound related things this time 'round, but just in case you need 
to hear somethin' funkee:

Happy New Year!

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new weekly show (22 years and counting) now online to download or stream;
classics from Ezekiel Honig & Robotman, unreleased stuff, exclusives & 
pre-releases, and lotsa goodies
from my favorite area code--313, of course; for those interested, the 
Rick Wade and Anthony Shakir EPs
will be out in March/April; I cannot recommend highly enough the 
Dripping Point album from Shakrokh Sound
Of K. out now on Compost Records; new show details:

Cognition Audioworks presents Andrew Duke In The Mix (est. 1987)
02 January 2009 show; 2 hours 4 minutes; 284mb 320kbps mp3

listen to previous 3 shows, plus exclusive guest mixes (Alland Byallo, 
Daniel Bell, Colette, Minto George,
Jason Pelletier), live PAs (Stewart Walker), and interviews (Aux 88) here:

01. Shakrokh Sound Of K. featuring Robert Owens--Perfect Stranger (from 
Dripping Point) (Compost 306)
02. Kevin Reynolds--Badarse (unreleased; title changed to avoid filters)
03. Zeno--Ease (unreleased)
04. Model 500--Starlight (Intrusion extended dub) (Echospace [Detroit] 
05. Robert Plant Alison Krauss--Killing The Blues (from Raising Sand) 
06. Anthony Shakir--Space Probes (Urban Tribes mix) (from Levitate 
Venice) (Morphine 010 limited prerelease)
07. Shahrokh Sound Of K.--Old Score (from Dripping Point) (Compost 306)
08. Ezekiel Honig--Cape Cod Getaway (John Tejada remix) (Microcosm 1001)
09. Trackleton--Let's Do It (from Jump) (Yore 014)
10. Rick Wade--Grim Shifter (from The Melancholy Of Rick Wade) (Harmonie 
Park 012)
11. Inkwell--Liason (from Rain Or Shine) (Archipel 048)
12. Alex Flatner--Soul C.A. Jones (Simon Baker's Infant mix) (Circle 021)
13. Perla--Casasviejas (COTK remix) (De'fchild 011)
14. Fabrice Lig--Cosmic Booty (Stevie "Chicken Lips" Kotey's Disco Robot 
mix) (MVSICA 001)
15. Tim Wolff--Like Clockwork (Terrace remix) (from Sostenuto) (Eevonext 
16. Christian Bloch--Mentalics (from Dirty Panoramas) (Subtrak 015)
17. Repair--Lines Drawn (from Lines Drawn) (Secret Weapon 026)
18. Echospace--Sonorous (Phase 90's unreleased reshape) (Echospace 
[Detroit] D2)
19. Johan Fotmeijer--Love Unlimited (Resoe's Unter Den Linden dub) (from 
Sommerlinde) (Baum 003)
20. Move D & Benjamin Brunn--Vorhaus (from Ruets 3/3 compilation) 
(Meakusma 003)
21. Anthony Shakir--It Erased Me (from Levitate Venice) (Morphine 010 
limited prerelease)
22. Snuff Crew--Straighter (from God) (Nature 2140)
23. Terrence Dixon--Region (from The Meter) (Nice &nd Nasty 025)
24. Andre Kronert--Salzwasserliebe (Pawas' Chilla Pukar mix) (Ostwind 020)
25. Sons Of The Dragon--The Evolution (SAN MI) (Sons Of The Dragon 001/002)
26. Jamie Kidd--Strapped (from Thoughtless Times Vol. 3 compilation) 
(Thoughtless Music 017)
28. Trilok Gurtu--Lisa (from African Fantasy on Blue Thumb) (Kent 
"Chaircrusher" Williams remix) (unreleased)
29. Lerosa--Diecow (ISM exclusive); awesome site: 
30. Robotman--Never (Late Night @ Heaven mix) (Definitive 12DEF03)
31. Adriano Celentano--Prisencolinensinainciusol (GW's Ruff edit from 
Ruff Edits #1) (Ruff Edits 001)
32. Gareth 2Dark--Joyriders (2009 mix) (Black & White Orange 013)
33. Stefano Vozza--Twenty (from Dublin Express Vol. 1 compilation) 
(Dublin Express)
34. Max Breslow--Anxiety (from General Assembly compilation) (Diplomatik 
35. Profile 25--Untitled (from Postcard) (Fade 058)
36. UB313--Trak 6 (Echospace's Reshaped dub) (Fortune8 888-15)
37. Karri O.--Ajaton (Deepak Sharma remix) (Hidden Recordings 006)
38. Deepchord Presents Echospace--Untitled (Modern Love 045)
39. Roberto Clementi--Orko (Avus remix) (from L'Aurea) (Stolen Moments 006)
40. Modul--Real (unreleased)
41. Morphosis--Flash (from Cetrik) (MOS 010)
42. Pawas--Deep Fruit (from Music For Lazy People) (Night Drive Music 009)
43. Rob Glennon--Midway (The Parallel remix) (from Fuse Action remixes) 
(Static Recordings 006)
44. Android Cartel--Basslines On Ze Autobahn (Chris Fortier's 40oz remix 
1) (Tekfunk)
45. Joel Brittain--Me & My Big Grill (Wrong 021)
46. Alland Byallo--Tuesday (from NLMXmas compilation) (Nightlight NLMX04)
47. David Powers--Splinters (unreleased)

Andrew Duke In The Mix (est. 1987): weekly mixshow, exclusive DJ mixes, 
PAs, interviews:
Alland Byallo, Daniel Bell, Colette, Minto George, Stewart Walker, Aux 
88, & more
Andrew Duke Cognition Audioworks FB:

please email links to MP3/WAV promos or mail CD/vinyl (declared as 
"promo/$0") to
Cognition Audioworks presents Andrew Duke In The Mix
57 Hastings Drive Dartmouth NS Canada B2Y 2C7

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