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i'm very happy to announce the new podcast by the portugese label crónicaelectronica:

Franke, Neumann, Schmidt, Weinheimer - INNEN & AUREN


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Franke, Neumann, Schmidt, Weinheimer: INNEN & AUREN
The piece INNEN & AUREN is a mixed and edited version of the concert INNEN & AUßEN, that took place as AlulaTonSerien.Konzert #35 at the New Building of the Gallery for Contemporary Art in Leipzig, Dec. 15, 2007. Neumann, who 
edited it, translated the spatial experience of the live concert to this stereo version. The chronological order of the concert was kept, but condensed. No sounds or effects were added.

For the original concert, the four performers created a set-up, which took place in three rooms inside the gallery and outside the gallery. Each of the four performers had his own position and function within the set-up and with each position made a certain statement about the relationship between inside and outside.

 The set-up included: a microphone outside of the gallery (Franke, outside), speakers behind a glass wall, microphone in room 1, feed from Franke and computer (Neumann, room 1), speakers outside the gallery and in room 1, two 
headphones in room 3, microphone, sine wave generator, feed from Franke and computer (Schmidt, room 3), four speakers in room 1, one speaker outside the gallery, violin, bass flute with internal microphones and electronics (Weinheimer, room 1).

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The Crónicaster presents regular digital releases of Crónica related pieces: radio broadcasts, live performances, special remixes, and everything else we can get our hands into. Crónicaster is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

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