[microsound-announce] rinkbait-- the movie

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Mon Feb 9 14:14:25 EST 2009

\f0\fs24 \cf0 Oregon\a paranoid police-state
\'a5 Invasion of Personal Privacy, Or. Rev. Stat. \'a4 163.700\
\'a5 Class A Misdemeanor\unwarranted gov't malice
\'a5 Legislation pending to extend protection against recording images of individuals\'d5\
intimate body parts while individual is in the public view and/or clothed. Track\
this bill (HB 2457) at http://www.leg.state.or.us/searchmeas.html\
\Nolo Contendere, pronounced \'d2NO-lo kawn-TAWN-dray,\'d3 is Latin for \'d2I will not contest.\'d3}

rinkbait - a 9-minute movie with underwater microsound (download/open link with mp4 viewer)


brad brace sound:
creative cv: http://bbrace.net/creative-cv.html

pdf and sound design: Global Islands Project:

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