[microsound-announce] das kleine field recordings festival -intercontinental- friday in berlin and on internetradio

rinus van alebeek rinusfiles at gmail.com
Wed Feb 25 07:03:47 EST 2009

Hello dear friends and memories,

As I have announced in an earlier mail,
the festival of this year will turn into an intercontinental modus.

The first edition will present live concerts by three artists from three
different continents
andy graydon from hawaii
yinyi from shanghai
and wolfgang meyer from spandau

it can all be heard through the internet
via http://audio.waag.org:8000/berlin.m3u<http://audio.waag.org:8000/berlin.m3>

the programme will start around 21.00 and end approximately at 01.30

field recordists from around the world have send me their little soundbooks,
those will be transmitted as well,
a complete playlist will become available on
myspace.com/daskleinefieldrecordingsfestival by friday.

For those in and around Berlin,
you can visit the evening at
loophole (loophole-berlin.com)
boddinstrasse 60
Berlin Neukölln
U- Rathaus Neukölln
doors open 20.30

see you there or elsewhere,

greetings from overhere,


central station: zeromoon.com/rinus
the latest news: rinusvanalebeek.wordpress.com
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