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Blinking Ears presents Electroacoustic Performances
by Derek Holzer, Joel Cahen, Leafcutter John, Lina Lapelytė, Peter Cusack, DJ Alex Czinczel

E:vent Gallery, London
Friday, 20th March 2009

96 Teesdale Street, 
London ,E2 6PU

Doors: 8pm

Ticket price: £4 in advance / £5 to pay on door

advance booking:

Line up:

Derek Holzer will be presenting TONEWHEELS (optoelectronic audiovisual performance)
work of Derek Holzer [USA 1972] focuses on capturing and transforming
small, unnoticed sounds from various natural and urban locations,
networked collaboration strategies, the interrelationship of sound +
architecture, light/sound conversions, self-made electronics,
experiments in improvisational sound and the use of free software such
as Pure-Data. He has released tracks under the Nexsound, Sirr, and/OAR,
Frozen Elephants Music, Mandorla and Gruenrekorder labels, and has
co-initiated several internet projects for field recording and
collaborative soundscapes including Soundtransit.nl
is an experiment in converting graphical imagery to sound, inspired by
some of the pioneering 20th Century electronic music inventions.
Transparent tonewheels with repeating patterns are spun over
light-sensitive electronic circuitry to produce sound and light
pulsations and textures. This all-analog set is performed entirely live
without the use of computers, using only overhead projectors as light
source, performance interface and audience display. In this way,
TONEWHEELS aims to open up the "black box" of electronic music and
video by exposing the working processes of the performance for the
audience to see.

Joel Cahen performs noiz-electronique and sometimes mash ups under the name of
Spax. Previously a program maker on Resonance FM he also organizes Wet
Sounds - underwater sound gallery -  and Scrap Club -public
destructivist events. Joel works as an audiovisual practitioner for
films, dance, theatre and art installations.
Works have been shown/performed in galleries and venues in London (Tate
Britain, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London Opera House, ICA, RADA and The
Place to name a few…), Berlin, Morocco, Limerick (IR), Tel Aviv, New
York, Lausanne, Buenos Aires, Amsterdam, Manchester and Budapest.

Leafcutter John is a London based Songwriter, Electronic musician, and Artist.
bulk of his performances are of materials from his recorded works. He
has released 4 albums which all combine elements of folk song with
electronic passages. He also occasionally performs solo sets which are
generally improvised and incorporate un-usual sound sources with song
in some way. 
while his name might conjure up the pastoral in a distinctly
old-fashioned sense, Leafcutter John's great success on 'The Forest And
The Sea' is to blend traditional sounds and vocals that cry forth from
the ordinary folk long past, with mastery of technology and laptop
proficiency. And it's a journey, too, not just an escape from the urban
jungle, but a progress of learning, adventure, and discovery."  Luke
Turner ‘Play Louder

Lina Lapelyte works as a sound artist, performs live using violin and electronics.
One of her field of interests is collecting information and changing
its meaning by putting it into a different context. Many of her sound
installations are site specific and deal with the evoking of a sense of
place through its own live input – people, their voices, nature,
kinetic energy. She is a composer and performer in the laptop quartet
20,21- the ensemble devoted to the performances of graphical notation
scores. She produces experimental radio programs for the ResonanceFM
radio station. Her music was used in films made by Anja Kirchner, Bruse
la Bruse. She collaborated with artists Arturas Bumsteinas, Edie
Prevost, Anton Lukoszevietze, Enrico Glerean, occasionally performs
with Mandelbrot and Apartment House. She performed or her works were
shown in 'vanm' (London 09), Cut and Splice'(London 08), 'iFEM' (Ivalo
08), 'Lithuanian ART' 08 (Vilnius 08), 'Skanu Mezs' (Ryga 08), 'Holland
Festival' (Amsterdam 07), 'Audio Art' (Warsaw 06).Recently she has been
composing multi-channel electroacoustic violin pieces  for her debut

Peter Cusack works as a sound artist, musician and environmental recordist with a
special interest in environmental sound and acoustic ecology. Projects
move from community arts to research into the contribution of sound to
our senses of place to recordings that document areas of special sonic
interest, e.g. Lake Baikal, Siberia, and Xinjang, China's most western
province. Recently involved in 'Sound & the City' the British
Council sound art project in Beijing 2005. His current project 'Sounds
From Dangerous Places' examines the soundscapes of sites of major
environmental damage, e.g. Chernobyl, the Azerbaijan oil fields,
controversial dams on the Tigris and Euphratees river systems in south
east Turkey.
a musician he tours regularly at home and abroad. Musical collaborators
include Clive Bell, Nic Collins, Alterations, Chris Cutler, Max
Eastley, Annette Krebs and Viv Corringham. Available recordings include
"Where is the Green Parrot?"  (ReR PC1 - solo CD, "Your Favourite
London Sounds" (Resonance), "Operet" (Rere121) with Viv Corringham,
"Day For Night" (Paradigm) with Max Eastley), and "Baikal Ice" (ReR PC2)

DJ Alex Czinczel lives and works in London. She has DJed in London, Berlin, Beijing and Tokyo. She has a website: 

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