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SoundBlog, february 10th 2009 __ #294SWEET DREAMS A LA COMETE 347On thursday february 5th I went to the opening of Michael Ghent's new expo and installation in La Comète 347, on the rue du Faubourg du Temple in Paris, and I loved it. "Sweet dreams" is both rough and poetic, convincing in its choice of materials and through its many layers of overlapping meaning ..."Like a room in a fairy brothel where some Ice Queen soothes hers johns ..." And while talking about La Comète, I take you back to our Diktat Big Band's "Sturm der Liebe" performance there, on the saturday of july 13th, 2008. Now available on bootleg DVD ... quirky, cheesy, abstract, absurd, concrete, brilliant, stupid, silly and resplendently illegal ... [ permalink : http://www.harsmedia.com/SoundBlog/Archief/00663.php ]--Have a great day!__ Harold Schellinx===================================== * Be an Angel !__ Guard the SoundBlog !__==== http://angelsponsor.soundblog.net =====================================
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