[microsound-announce] CEAIT Festival, Marina Rosenfeld and Yasunao Tone, REDCAT, Los Angeles

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Thought all of you would find this interesting:

Day 1:
REDCAT February 6th, 2009


"Watching [Teenage Lontano], I felt the opening of a portal between a
failed utopian past and the possibility that the more real present is
already something to love. I was transported." Jerry Saltz, New York
	Marina Rosenfeld headlines the first day of this year's program of
innovative and unconventional electroacoustic and cross-media work
from CalArts' Center for Experiments in Art, Information and
Technology (CEAIT). Rosenfeld's wide-ranging work includes live
remixes of her own handmade acetate records ("dub plates"); the
nail-polish bottle-on-electric guitar music of the Sheer Frost
Orchestra; and last spring's performance and installation iterations
of Teenage Lontano—a "cover" of György Ligeti's modernist landmark
sung by a choir of teenagers—at the Whitney Biennial. She brings a new
composition for "phonographic speaker," a rotating horn device whose
arcs of electroacoustic sound, emitted at 33 1/3 rpm, emulate the
graceful, leisurely tempo of an LP. Opening on Friday are Tom
Recchion, a pioneer in low-tech sonic exploration; and K. Atchley's
Turtles, a multi-channel, laptop concert work in which manipulation of
the amplitude and spatial placement of sine wave tones effects
harmonic and timbral changes.

February 6th, 8:30 PM

Day 2:
REDCAT February 7th, 2009


"Tone truly utilizes one of the most distinctive and diverse palettes
in electronic noise... Curious, beautifully strident music." Dusted
	Yasunao Tone headlines the second day of this year's program of
innovative and unconventional electroacoustic and cross-media work
from CalArts' Center for Experiments in Art, Information and
Technology (CEAIT). The legendary Tone ranks among the first Japanese
artists to "compose" happenings and improvisations in the 1960s. A
veteran of Fluxus, Group Ongaku, Hi-Red Center and Team Random, he has
created pieces for "wounded" CDs, computer systems, film, TV and
radio, as well as environmental art. His work here entails a
surround-sound automatic collage of source material from CDs and
radio. Opening on Saturday are composer, improviser, and sound artist
Clay Chaplin, mangling political speech in real time to create ambient
tapestries of sound; and Laura Steenberge discovers that the
dictionary is alive in her "Lecture on Words".

February 7th, 8:30 PM

REDCAT (The Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater) is located at the
corner of W. 2nd St. and S. Hope St., inside the Walt Disney Concert
Hall complex.
Performance is scheduled for Friday, February 7th, 2009, at 8:30 p.m.
Ticket prices range from $16-$20, with discounts available. Seating is
general admission. Buy tickets at the REDCAT box office located at the
corner of 2nd and Hope Streets, by calling 213.237.2800 , or at
http://www.redcat.org. <http://www.redcat.org./> Please plan on
arriving at least 30 minutes before curtain time. Seating at REDCAT is
unreserved, and late seating is not guaranteed.
Parking is available in the Walt Disney Concert Hall parking garage.
Enter from 2nd St. and proceed to level P3 for direct access to
REDCAT. The evening event rate is $8 after 5 PM, $4 after 8 PM. Before
5 PM, the maximum daytime rate is $17.


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