[microsound-announce] Call for Submissions: Sommeil: A Concert for Sleep

Jeremy Bible experimedia at gmail.com
Wed Feb 4 08:52:14 EST 2009

Our Friend Tanner Menard from New Orleans is curating a very
interesting event and your contributions are needed.  Read below.

Call for Submissions:

Sommeil: A Concert for Sleep

In early April I will be reinterpreting the sleep concert experiment,
first created by Robert Rich ( http://robertrich.com/ ) in 1982, at a
well established gallery in New Orleans, Louisiana.  I am doing so
with Rich's permission and guidance.  Sleep concerts as presented by
Rich are all night events in which the audience is asked to attend the
concert with a sleeping bag and pillow and to fall asleep while a
slowly unfolding sonic texture evolves over the course of the night
and into the morning.  This concert will begin at 10 pm and end at 7
am with tea and breakfast.

Not merely a recreation of Rich's original idea, Sommeil will be a
global reinterpretation of a performance type that addresses one of
the most basic functionalities of ambient sound, music by which to
sleep.  One might call this sort of cultural reshuffling a conceptual
remix.  In the spirit of remix and the Creative Commons movement, I am
looking for submissions of audio material for the concert.  This is an
opportunity for artists from all parts of the globe to help shape the
next generation of sleep concerts.  Experimedia Records has generously
agreed to release material submitted on its net label under a Creative
Commons license.

I am interested in the following:  field recordings of natural and
man-made phenomena, unprocessed recordings of musical instruments,
drones, room ambience, strangely tuned string recordings and any other
sonic matter that will somehow enhance a glacially ambient landscape
of sleep music.  All submissions should in some way be appropriate for
an audience that will be sleeping.

The concert will be 9 hours of uninterrupted music.  All audio
submissions may be highly altered through various processors, looped,
rearranged algorithmically and otherwise manipulated through digital
means.  Basically, I want to create a giant sleepy ambient mash up in
honor of one of the fathers of ambient music.  It is also my hope that
this concert introduces the people of New Orleans to the incredibly
creative music of ambient and experimental artists that are
flourishing all over the world, often unbeknownst to the general

Release of the material will either be in a compilation of short
remixes or in large scale remixes from multiple audio sources.  Your
material will be credited both at the concert in program notes and on
the release that Experimedia ( http://www.experimedia.net/ ) has
graciously agreed to publish.  All releases will in some way reflect
how your sonic matter was presented at the live sleep concert.

I plan to blog extensively about this multifaceted
performance/collaboration.  Please contact me personally at
barely.audible at gmail.com or by searching for Tanner Menard on
facebook.   If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.
I would love to get to know everyone who contributes material and
would love to blog about the audio matter that you submit, previous or
future releases of your music and anything else that might help in
promoting your art.

The deadline for submissions is March 12th 2009.

Special thanks to Robert Rich ( http://robertrich.com ), Jeremy Bible
( http://jeremybible.com ), Experimedia ( http://www.experimedia.net
), Shawn Hall and Antenna ( http://www.antennagallery.org ) Gallery

To learn more about Robert Rich's original sleep concert experiments
please visit

"The first hour or two will be slightly more active than the rest, but
soon the music will drop away into slow foggy textures and strange
ambient sounds. At low volumes, these textures can blend into your
acoustic environment, creating a sort of sonic dislocation, a
re-focusing of your perceptions. You can use the sound texture as a
way to focus your attention onto images that arise out of your
half-sleeping mind. In the transitions between sleep and wake,
hypnogogic images may become intensified and more vivid. You may also
become more aware of dreams, and you can observe the different layers
of perception as you teeter on the edge of consciousness"…Robert Rich

contact : Tanner Menard - barely.audible at gmail.com

Jeremy Bible
Experimedia - record label + mailorder shop + a/v arts (est.2000)

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