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Tue Dec 29 13:38:53 EST 2009

Greetings dear friends in music,

With the end of the decade (including the end of the 20% off sale),
and the beginning of Experimedia's 10 year anniversary just a few days
away I wanted to take a moment to once again thank everyone who has
supported or worked with me in anyway over the past ten years.  The
support I have received, especially over the past two years, has been
inspiring and I want you all to know I plan to continue to work hard
for the better of the community as a whole.  Happy new years wishes to
everyone and best of luck in all the you do in 2010!!!

As many of you are probably aware, the big project on my plate right
now is expanding Experimedia into a distribution network in the North
American territory. In an effort to build my connections with North
American retailers I ask that you share with me the names and cities
of independent music retailers and mailorders that you are aware of.
My goal with the distribution efforts is to help our specific
community grow and gain exposure on the shelves of more shops across
North America.  I will be working through a list of retailers,
contacting them by email, phone, and snail-mail, making them aware of
the titles I have available to them.  There are many labels which are
being overlooked or not properly represented by North American
distributors.  Having played various roles in our music community,
viewing it from various angles, and as someone with a personal
connection to this music I will be working towards going above and
beyond the standard role of th e average distributor.  I plan to
represent and promote the titles I distribute as if they were my very
own (artist, and label).  My long term ultimate vision for Experimedia
is to see it grow into a global support and distribution network for
the community.... recruiting other like minded and motivated
individuals into the operations here in North America and overseas.  A
resource for labels and artists, with info sharing on distribution,
artwork, package design, printing, manufacturing, radio, press,
venues, etc.  A network of labels, artists, services, that share their
info and experiences into an informational resource.  A way to keep
the work and flow of money as close to the community as possible so
that it may flourish as a whole.  Keeping it in the family so to
speak.  The music community has been the only constant in my life for
the past 16 years since I organized some of my first local events when
I was 14.  All of those people I connec t deepest with and consider my
friends have come from my involvement with the music community....
many who I have yet to meet..... so my work I do here truly is very
personal to me.... and I do see and approach the community as family.

One of the many puzzle pieces towards these goals has been put in its
place already.  I have partnered with David Newman (know for his work
as Autistici, and his label Audiobulb) who has recently started his
own digital distribution services,  AUDIOMOVES.COM .  David's
Audiomoves is now the official digital distribution partner of
Experimedia.  Obviously David has a deep understanding and connection
to the kind of music I deal with so this is an ideal partnership and
keeps right with the goal of "keeping it in the family".  Basically
this means not only will Audiomoves be handling the digital
distribution of Experimedia titles but I will be connecting labels I
work with directly, to David who will offer to advice and manage the
distribution of labels titles into wide and growing range of stores
including, iTunes, Napster, eMusic, Amazon, 24-7 Entertainment,
7Digital, Big Pond, Gracenote, Shockhound, Medianet, Myspace Music,
Neurotic, Nokia, Omnifone, Puretracks, R2G, Rhapsody, Rogers Wireless,
Secury Cast, Slacker, Sony Erickson, Spotify, Starzik, Telus, Verizon
Wireless, Zune.  While I know many of you are not fans of digital
formats I do feel it is an important aspect in the landscape of music
distribution.  I see it as one of the many ways to turn music lovers,
especially those from younger generations, onto the work coming from
our community, perhaps turning them onto the joys of the physical
package. If you are interested in digital distribution review his
website and contact him through http://www.audiomoves.com

Just a note that the 20% off sale will be ending this Friday.

Being the holidays and the end of the year there are not any new title
additions to the shop to announce so I would like to take a moment to
highlight some fantastic and perhaps overlooked titles that may have
become buried amongst the many additons

//These two albums by Chrisian Vasseur on the Humming Conch label are
indeed fantastic explorations with guitar.  Impressive skill here and
beautiful music.  Was the perfect score to my drive to amish country
Ohio over the weekend.
christian vasseur - alam (cd) christian vasseur - poems (cd)
//Two new releases on the absolutely exceptional Erased Tapes label.
Cinematic inspired work at its finest.  Both premium pressed records
also include free download codes in them.  I handmade a packaged DVD
slideshow of family photos I captured over the last year for family as
gifts and one of the Nils Frahm pieces worked as a perfect score. The
combination of the photos and music actually brought tears to the eyes
of a few including mine.
nils frahm - wintermusik (12inch lp) olafur arnalds - dyad 1909 (10inch)
//I know many of you are fans of Kiln... known for his work with
Infraction records.  Twinewheel is an absolutely beautiful piece of
work on 12inch vinyl on the Division Sound label.  A beautiful
pressing.  Hand numbered and limited to 500 copies.
kiln - twinewheel (12inch lp)
//Fjordne's The Setting Sun album on the beautiful Singapore based
label Kitchen had quite an impact on me this year.  Truly a beautiful
and unique sound the likes which I had never heard.  Processed and
arranged piano creates an effect not unlike a little music box.
Perfect music to keep you warm during cold winter days.  Exquisite
packaging and design as well with nice front and back cover connected
by an accordian style fold out of gorgeous imagery.
fjordne - the setting sun
//I cant get enough of these wonderful releases on Elevator Bath.
Many of which are beautiful picture disk 12inch records.  A new
Francisco Lopez 2CD will go on sale on Elevator Bath on January 1st
adam pacione - dobranoc (12inch lp pic disc) dale lloyd - akasha_for
record (12inch lp pic disc) francisco lópez - lopez island (cd) jim
haynes - eraldus | eravaldus (12inch lp pic disc) rick reed - dreamz |
blue polz (12inch lp pic disc) various artists - a cleansing ascension
//The work on Damien Valles has had a huge impact on me recently as
well.  His now sold out album for Under The Spire of beautiful
processed and arranged guitar melodies and atmosphere are absolutely
stunning so I was delighted when Damien contacted me and brought my
attention to this companion 3 inch release on the Standard Form label
who I hope to get more titles from.
damien valles - rural routes no. 1 (3inch cd)
//The work of David Newman as Autistici always blows me away... not
much to say here that most dont already know.  Released on Simon
Scott's (of Slowdive fame) Kesh label.  Hope to stock more titles from
this fantastic label as well in 2010.
autistici - complex tone test (cd)
//Unframed is a very interesting label with beautiful music, and
packaging. 7inch records and CDs.

And below are a couple restocks I have in... and a few things coming
down to their last copies....
ryonkt - sunlight and water (cd) (restock)
ryonkt - small conversations (cd) (almost gone)
sylvie walder - moments (cd) (almost gone)
pillowdiver - tony rides a bike (3inchcd) (almost gone)
All these listed below are down to their last copy in stock.  It may
be possible to restock some at request but I think many of them wont
be available again.....
aaron martin - chautauqua (cd)
amplifier machine - her mouth is an outlaw
asmus tietchens - eine menge papier
brendan murray - exploding heart mixes (cd)
celer - brittle
celer - close proximity
celer - the everything and the nothing
chihei hatakeyama - saunter (cd)
chihei hatakeyama – the river
civyiu kkliu + ilya monosov - cartolina postale (wm07/cd)
drafted by minotaurs - aversion therapy (12inch lp + cd)
erikm(luc ferrari) & thomas lehn-les protorhythmiques (rm417/cd)
fabio orsi & seaworthy - near and faraway
felicia atkinson - la la la (spekk018/cd)
field rotation - licht und chatten
francisco lópez - lopez island (cd)
frank rowenta - raumstudien 03 (2cd)
giuseppe ielasi - aix (cd)
ian hawgood - we are better for being built this way
jason corder (offthesky) + opium - autuno
koen park - remixes, reworkings and reimaginings
kreng - l'autopsie phénoménale de dieu (cd)
light of shipwreck - in the empty wreckage of a dream
low in the sky - dear birds (cd)
mark fell - attack on silence (dvd)
milieu - beyond the sea lies the stars
offthesky + juxtaphona - escape kit
onde - purple (12inch lp)
osone - passerelle (and29/cd)
pholde - luminance of a perfectly diffusing surface
pimmon - curse you, evil clown
pleq - the metamorphosis (cd)
rameses iii - i could not love you more (12inch lp)
rameses iii - i could not love you more (cd)
seth nehil & matt marble - ecllipses (and30/cd)
small color - in light
steve peters - filtered light (de5017/cd)
ten teeth of twenty - the current administration
ten teeth of twenty - when we have you
tetsu inoue - world receiver
the bird ensemble - evensong
the moglass - telegraph poles are... (ns12/cd)
ultre - the nest and the skull
various - 1 | favourite places
various artists - rural psychogeography (ns20/cd)
various artists - small melodies (spekk005/cd)
yann novak - the breeze blowing over us
zelienople - give it up (12inch lp + cd)

Jeremy Bible

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