[microsound-announce] new ALKU releases

frank potaxpotax at gmail.com
Sun Dec 27 21:06:14 EST 2009

ALKU is proud to present:


Ten canisters of pressurized tetrafluoroethane over three weeks
(ALKU 89)

Limited edition red vinyl 7". Punani series part 9.

Two pieces for hand-held gas horns realized at the Music Research Centre,
University of York, November 2008.
Recorded using two Neumann U87 microphones and a Shure SM58 on custom-rigged
Recording engineers: Thom Blake, Theo Burt, Dr. Tony Myatt, Peter Worth.

This recording contains unprocessed acoustic sounds only.

for more info, see: http://alkualkualkualkualkualkualkualkualkualku.org


Coming out in early January:

- Gullibloon 'MUH' limited edition cassette with unreleased live recordings
from the mighty Gullibloon boys (Berthold, Lackner, Pieper).

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