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A Christmas feedback by Larseneur:
Fly : http://www.cannibalcaniche.com/forum/files/larseneurlogo_700.png

Informations about Larseneur :

A "larseneur" is a person who utilizes audio Feedback as their sole source
of sound.
The Feedback Collective is open to artists who agree to adhere to these
This site is created and designed to engender and facilitate spontaneous
interventions of the Collective "Les Larseneurs"
It will allow you to understand and take into account the rules to be
followed when organizing your own events dedicated to Feedback performance
as have been established by the collective.
The following rules and guidelines below are the only non negotiable non
alterable elements. Beyond these rules the rest is open to each individual's

*1. Utilize only Feedback as the sole source of sound.* It is possible to
add to the loops created by the Feedback certain sound modifiers.
*2. All interventions must be performed in spaces that are not at all
customary to Feeback Concerts and completely independent of any official
artistic program or festival.
3. No artistic fees shall be paid.
4. All performances are free to the public*
5. All events of the Collective appear under the name "Les Larseneurs". No
individual artist's name appears.

The following are strongly advised but not obligatory:
6. Prior to the event inform us of the name, the date, the time, the venue
or space, the city and country of your intervention via email.
7. Following your event, send us your video and informations concerning your

Matohawk alias Th-Th
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