[microsound-announce] 2010 here we come...

Philippe-Petit Philippe-Petit at wanadoo.fr
Tue Dec 22 07:34:41 EST 2009

hope that this message finds you well and getting ready to enjoy a  
great X-mas period
as you know I have enjoyed quite a prolific year releasing some music  
and playing shows... a few more releases for Trace Recordings and  
Boring Machines are now scheduled for 2010.
feel free to have a listen to 3 new songs uploaded in the player:


just finished masterising "Crying of lot 69" my album with Eugene S.  
Robinson (from Oxbow) and now we'll search for a nice home for it...

working on a DVD documenting the duo with Lydia Lunch, an extract of  
"Twist Of Fate" can be viewed there:


as you could watch, Lydia and I had pleasure playing live together and  
will keep doing so, benefitting from the professional help of Media- 
Loca booking agency, well-known for managing the likes of Gudrun Gut,  
Pan Sonic, Alec Empire...
we are delighted to be in such company.


hope to play near you within the the next decade and 'till then best  
wishes to you
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