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O.K. Here it is what you have been waiting for.
The long awaited 2010 60x60 Call for Works.


It is all going to be done online!

That is right! 60x60 is collaborating with ICMC (International Computer
Music Conference 2010) for a unique 60x60 event and all the works submitted
to 60x60 will be simultaneous submissions for ICMC.

For this special event we are looking for 360 works for 6 one hour
performances at Stony Brook University and New York City: 360 degrees of

We are also have an International Mix and a microtonal mix (the UnTwelve
Mix)  I also have venues for another UK Mix,  Midwest Mix, Canada Mix, and
Pacific Rim Mix. (if we get enough submissions. get it?  if you submit.there
is a possibility of  12 different mixes. that is 720 slots with a great
chance of multiple performances around the globe and the possibility of a
multimedia collaboration with video or dance that are getting press reviews
and attending audiences in the thousands.)

So what I need is your submission.  Even if it is a past submission that
will be great!  There were so many submissions in the past that were great
that we couldn't use for one reason or another, I would love to get the
chance to present them now.  But I need you to submit online.  

ICMC has an online submission process.

check the 60x60 box 

and then upload your ZIP file containing your submission form (PDF) and
sound file (AIFF)   (I know it says MP3 is allowed but don't do that for
60x60 submissions)

you can get the submission form here:

So tell everyone you know.  This is going to be the biggest 60x60 yet.  The
idea is to activate the entire community of electro-acoustic music.  I think
we can do it.  Let's wake up the world and show them what our music is

I am looking forward to listening to your submission!


Robert Voisey

RobVoisey at VoxNovus.com
60x60 Director
Living Music Foundation Vice President
Founder of Vox Novus 

Oh yeah.... Here is the call:

Vox Novus is inviting composers to submit recorded works 60 seconds or less
in length to be included in its eighth annual 60x60 project! 

Download Submission form here:
60x60 PDF Submission Form 
60x60 MSWord Submission Form 

Vox Novus In collaboration with ICMC (International Computer Music
Conference 2010) is inviting composers to submit recorded works 60 seconds
or less in length to be included in its seventh annual 60x60 project. 60
compositions will be selected to be played continuously in a one-hour

The 60x60 concert season will have multiple performances in several
different mixes and multi-media throughout the world. Mixes planned for
60x60 2010 include the International Mix, 360 degrees of 60x60 at ICMC, the
UnTwelve Mix (including only microtonal works) as well as any other past mix
(i.e. Midwest Mix, UK Mix, etc) where more than 60 submissions are received.

Please submit a ZIP file containing the submission form and an AIFF
recording of the work at the ICMC website:

During the concert each of the 60 pieces selected will begin precisely at
the beginning of the minute, this will mark the end of one piece and the
beginning of another. There will be no pause between the pieces. Works may
be less than 60 seconds in length, but may not exceed 60 seconds. Works
selected that are less than 60 seconds long will be "padded" with silence
either before, after, or surrounding the composition. Please note that the
total duration of the work including silence may NOT exceed sixty seconds. 

The 60x60 project's definition of a record work is as follows: any work
created as a musical composition which is captured on recorded media, which
does not require live performers for its production in broadcast at concert
halls, radio, multi-media, etc. Its creation can include but not limited to
acoustic instruments, voice, environmental sources, and computer (Sampling,
MIDI, C Sound, ProTools, etc.) 

Acoustic compositions should be submitted with the understanding that it is
their recording that is of prime importance and is what will be used to
determine its selection. Scores of works are strongly discouraged and will
not be used in the selection process. 

60x60 is a project of "signature works" and short works created specifically
for the 60x60 project. Excerpts of larger works are strongly discouraged.
Works generated from procedures (i.e. mathematical matrices, organizational
systems, or computer programs,) remixed works, or themes and motives
recomposed from other of the composer's own work are acceptable. 

The call is open to composers of any nationality, age, or career stage.
Works submitted must not have been previously performed or broadcasted. The
submission form must be sent at the same time with the submitted work.
Submission form must contain the composer's name, address, email, phone
number, composition title, and composition length (60 seconds or less.)
Biographies and program notes may be no longer than 100 words in length. 

Submissions must be uploaded by December 31st, 2009. Selected works will be
announced on February 15th, 2010. 

Submissions must include: 
Submission Forms as a PDF or MSWord can be downloaded at:

The ZIP file including the submission form and the AIFF sound file must be
uploaded at ICMC website:

Works selected for the 2010 60x60 project will be announced on February
15th, 2010. 
Composers will be notified of the results by email or they can visit

Any questions regarding the call for works can be addressed to
Support at VoxNovus.com 

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