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murmerings 2009.12 ::: mooste, estonia

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you haven't heard from me since my visit to the u.s. in the fall - 
thanks to all of you who managed to come out to a gig! i have now 
completed my relocation to southeastern estonia, where i am spending 
this winter in the small village of mooste, keeping the fires burning 
(literally) at moks (http://www.moks.ee). a few recent developments to 
tell you about...


::: murmer - 4 spaces, released online by soundwalk-editions :::

i have had a recent short piece published online, on the 2nd issue of 
the soundwalk editions blog alongside radiomentale, steve roden, and aki 
onda (and what fine company it is!). the piece is entitled '4 spaces' - 
from the blog:

"During a recent tour of the northeastern United States I made a 
collection of recordings inside the spaces in which I would perform. The 
individual recordings were to be used as the starting point of the 
performance in the same location, a slow sonic zooming-in to the 
self-same space shared with an audience, and an experiment in natural 
resonant feedback caused by playing the sound of a space back into 
itself. A handful of the spaces were particularly interesting, and I 
collect those here to highlight the notion of no space being neutral, 
and of each having it’s own living, breathing character. The spaces we 
hear here are St Stephen’s Church in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, the 
front lobby of the Baker Center for the Arts at Muhlenberg College, 
Allentown, Pennsylvania, and the gallery space at the Pyramid Atlantic 
in Washington DC. At either end of this collection is a different kind 
of space, and one much closer to home: this is the sound of my mother’s 
backyard, on the edge of marshland in Abington, Massachusetts, with my 
personal favorite late-night sound of distant passing trains."

you can all the works from both issues here:


::: framework250 celebratory compilation :::

preparations are coming to a head for the release of 2 double cdr 
compilations in support of framework radio. more than 40 artists have 
contributed exclusive works for these 2 releases, which will be 
available only through the framework website as a thank-you in exchange 
for a minimum donation of €25 (for one edition) or €40 (for both). 25% 
of all donations goes directly to resonance 104.4fm in london. you can 
reserve yourself a copy of one or both by going to 
http://www.frameworkradio.net and donating now! cds will ship early in 
the new year...

full tracklists:

framework250 - root edition:

jeph jerman / insects in bamboo / 10:01
loren chasse / furniture next to twilight / 12:57
nuno moita & matteo uggeri / machines help us / 04:49
felicity ford / celebrations / 06:23
tarab / untitled artefact / 10:34
murmer / many hands, no eyes / 12:42
scott sherk / victor's lament / 04:16
steve roden / six small storms / 05:40
peter cusack / rail contact hoverfly / 01:28
keith berry / archipelago / 10:06
peter cusack / rail contact trains / 01:41
toshiya tsunoda / vibration of the rope of a fishing boat under moor 12.aug.09 matsuwa, miura / 09:34
maria balabas / in principio erat verbum / 08:59
asmus tietchens / FMF 4/1A / 05:04
keith de mendonca / 4 nights in lhasa / 07:14
seth nehil / twine / 06:58
martin clarke / three / 07:00
maksims sentelevs / waterpiece / 10:00
hitoshi kojo / perruel / 07:03
dallas simpson / M25: radio/traffic / 07:00
eric cordier / montchalbeux / 10:16

framework250 - branch edition:

jonathan coleclough & ben owen / two chambers / 09:13
toy.biarre / kdi dctb 146[i] / 07:08
mark schreiber / car window / 06:42
michael ruesenberg / steve welsh / 03:58
jim haynes / virga / 11:20
thomas tilly/TO / for julien / 09:42
john grzinich / sentience of spring / 10:16
jean-luc guionnet / diptyque de la veille / 09:35
emmanuel mieville / gnaoua song / 11:52
jez riley french / instamatic #5 - building 14, zlin, czech republic / 10:00
giancarlo toniutti / chooramuuk, girasrum (copper-nose, iron-hat) / 09:29
rie nakajima / stepless / 07:06
chris watson / ravens / 06:36
joel stern (w/ lloyd barrett) / mount disappointment / 11:53
richard garet / without walls / 09:37
aaron ximm / dusk in guantanamo / 06:00
michael northam / kashi-heatdream / 08:44
simon whetham / eesti tree creak / 04:15
phill niblock / bells and timps / 05:30

detailed track info will soon be available here:


thanks for reading to the bottom, and happy winter! we are expecting 
temperatures of minus 15 celcius here tomorrow, and as we approach the 
winter solstice the sun is gone by 15h30... but the fire is keeping me 



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