[microsound-announce] ***call for possible project***

Kim Cascone kim at anechoicmedia.com
Mon Dec 7 21:24:07 EST 2009

I'm putting together a curatorial proposal for an evening of new music.
the evening would be comprised of percussion pieces performed by an ensemble
with or without 'tape' accompaniment (essentially sound file play back)
so there could be an 'electro' component to the 'acoustic' material

what I'd like to do is take a headcount and collect excerpts of scores

if you are interested please send me an excerpt from your score no more 
than 3 pages long
showing off the most rhythmically complex part of the piece
please add any notes regarding the piece as well as how many instruments 
total are written for

IMPORTANT: the excerpt you send me *MUST BE* in the





any other format received will get deleted and your work won't be considered

***and please please please ZIP the file(s) before sending them***

[the ability to follow directions wins a lot of points with me]

I'm currently talking with some musicians about performing the pieces
but there are no definite plans as of yet
this is all in the embryonic stages of planning

I will need score excerpts as soon as possible so I can start putting 
together a rough proposal

send to:
kim at anechoicmedia.com

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