[microsound-announce] [XVR002] ATX - In a Green Room

Adern X the.apx at libero.it
Mon Dec 7 16:21:31 EST 2009

Xevor has just released "In a Green Room", the first album from ATX.  
It can be freely downloaded at this address:


The subtle fascination of the (pre)recorded object. Tomaso Azara  
eclectic  dj and musician from the changing sonorous distances, Adern  
X sound artist of experimental vocation: a meeting/clash of two  
esthetics based on samples, where meaning arise in the crossroads of  
sound, melody and noise. For aesthetic choice, their music is entirely  
improvised and recorded live, stirring the beat of the cd players, the  
noise of AM radio, the shapes of filtered samples.

Hope you enjoy,
Adern X

"Boredom is the mother of creativity" (Ron Arad)

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