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OFF/BRUMA netlabel releases

  offb010 Ian Linter – Kuma

  offbv001 Empathy Kills – Fade Out (The movie)
  offb009 Empathy Kills – Fade Out

  offb008 Le Mal D'Archive - Histoires de plage 

  offb007 dnasnow/mouseup - 7 

  offb006 Leo Alves Vieira - Chamber Works

  offb005 La Main Traumatique - L'Oeil Interne et L'Apparition du Soleil 

  offb004 The Death Sound - Year One 

  offb003 Slutimids!! - The Grey Album 

  offb002 IS KYA - Vütszen 

  offb001 Plasma - Digital 



Strange Frequencies Channel

      A non-stop webradio emission. All times are GMT+1 (Paris/Madrid).


  To come: pG Transmission #16 - Saturday, 22 June, 8pm-11pm

      A 3 hours concert in streaming. Complete improvisation featuring Joséphine Muller and Ian Linter in a circle around the extra-sounds of
every distinct part of themselves.

Past: pG Transmission #15 - Sunday, 21 June, 8pm-0am 

    Click on link to listen to archived recording.


- FREE - Selected Netaudio - daily 3pm-5pm

    A two hours program with selected netaudio, from selected netlabels and creators.

#1 Series - July/September 2009


elru067 Dekprypton Joel - Kryptonite for Dreamers

elru065 Alrucini - Fauda

elru062 Alrucini - TIME DISPLACEMENT

elru058 Alrucini - Low Intensity Operations

elru053 Alrucini - Dumuzi

elru049 Shamahan - Cruel

elru048 Bad Slap Org - Anti-Pop

La p´tite maison

maison31 Philippe Aubry, Jérôme Pergolesi - Grand recyclage sonore

maison02 Jérôme Pergolesi - Bambi Noise 


antisocial022 Monsieur Connard - Fainéantise Comme Simple Offensive

antisocial014 Tzii - Sexe, Dominations et autres Réjouissances


tube178 - Spheruleus - Tales From the Labyrinth

tube166 - d'incise - Morsure Souffle

tube125 - Uncle Bart comes to have breakfast - Some paradoxes about the human existence and its arquetips

Clinical Archives

ca285 - Lezet - Meld4

ca289 - Anton Mobin & Th-Th - A Hypnotic Versus Time

ca280 - Pigeons & Crazy Porridgemakers - Le Voyage

ca220 - Juan Antonio Nieto a.k.a. Pangea - Abrasive Soul

ca206 - Le Mal d'Archive - Les Petite Morts

ca168 - EXurban - Makrolid

ca113 - Mixturizer + Taiko Oroshi + Kenji Siratori - Collaboration III


Daily: 3pm - 5pm (GMT+1)

- OFF/BRUMA transmission - daily 8pm-10pm

     A two hours transmission with OFF/BRUMA's catalogue.

- L'Étranger, read by Albert Camus - Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 2am-3am

- Airf'Auga transmission - daily 3am-4am

    One hour with the sound of Airf'Auga.

- produções Ganza transmission - daily general rotation 

    produções Ganza's archive in random emission.

  We are still in the process of building our radio's schedule. 



- OFF/BRUMA Motion

    Videos released under OFF/BRUMA netlabel

Empathy Kills - Fade Out (The Movie), by Joséphine Muller. The complete Empathy Kills' video for the Fade Out Album. Length: 53:15.

- pG Motion

    Videos by produções Ganza

Sex on Saturday - Full of Void (The Movie) , by Ilayali Bunder. The complete Sex on Saturday's video for the Full of Void album. Length: 60:00.

Airf'Auga - 34, by Juca Pimentel

Inst Vöid'Tzen, by Juca Pimentel

OLoF NiNe - LOPKOLKILLSAF, by Ian Linter

Airf'Auga - 37, by Juca Pimentel

Make me drunk with your kisses, by Juca Pimentel

Sex on Saturday - When everything is fine, it's fine, by Ilaialy Bunder



    A Stranger Paradise - association loi 1901 - J.O.1469-18/4/2009

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