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SOUNDBLOG, august 14th 2009 [#327]
"Les Favoris Favorites, Comelade ... and FAUST !"
After 36 years, this july 4th in Paris, I discovered that my favorite Krautrocker is not German, but French...
I sat at a wooden table in the sun next to FAUST's Jean-Hervé Péron, who had come together with Zappi Diermaier and Rei Mayazaki to perform at the Schizophonic Cabaret, organized by Vert Pituite with and around catalan maestro Pascal Comelade.

We talked about his and our FAUST, about the passage of time.
And about Music with an Attitude, which, that sunny saturday in Paris, was plentiful indeed.

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Have a great day,
__ Harold Schellinx

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