[microsound-announce] RjDj Sprint Tokyo Sep 10 + 11

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Fri Aug 7 02:45:28 EDT 2009

RjDj in Japan

We are glad to announce the next RjDj sprint/workshop. It will happen Sep 10
and 11 in Tokyo/JP during the APMT week (www.apmt.jp) and is hosted by the
TokyoMaxUsersGroup, who kindly invited members of the RjDj crew, Florian
Waldner and Frank Barknecht, to support everyone interested in writing Scenes
for RjDj on iPhone/iPod Touch.

The number of participants is limited. But it is free to join! Your iPhone will
be changed into your own instrument by installing DIY scenes to your iPhone
build with Pd. 

To register, please see:
http://tokyomax.jp/rjdj/indexen.html (EN ver)

Even if you don't make it for the sprint, you may want to join us for an
additional presentation and concert on the weekend directly following the
sprint at the famous "SuperDeluxe" in Tokyo, also part of the APMT.

The most vital facts:

日時 2009/9/13(SUN)18:00~23:00
場所 SuperDeluxe
料金 2000yen/1drink

For more details, see http://bridge.tokyomax.jp/

Flo and Frank don't speak Japanese, so sprint and presentation will be held in
English. We both are in Japan for a bit longer. Interested media can contact us 
via info at rjdj.me

[ WHAT IS RjDj ]

RjDj is a music application for the iphone. It uses sensory input to generate
and control the music you are listening to.  RjDj is promoting a music genre
that we call “reactive”. The sound that listeners hear is produced by digital
devices in the very moment it is listened to. Composers of reactive music often
make heavy use of sensory input, which makes the environment of the listener
part of the music that is heard. Compositions are called “Scenes”. Scenes have
a different musical structure than traditional compositions and they often have
no clear beginning and end. Some scenes promote active listener involvement and
others promote passive listening. In any case, when listening to RjDj, take
care and enjoy your mind twisting hearing sensations.


See you in Tokoyo!

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