[Microsound-announce] COIN GUTTER - CD RELEASE Oct 4, 2008 Vancouver Canada

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Greetings!  (apologies for cross posting)

Coin Gutter has finally received physical copies of their new CD
"pigeonless".   The compact disc medium is a fantastic way to back up files
you may already have on your MP3 player, along with perfect copies of the
art work ready to scan.

It's all happening on Saturday October 4th, at a new little spot call "The
Narrows" on 3rd and Main.  Look for the red light, that's the door to go
into.  It's the kind of spot that you want to know about before it's in the
Globe and Mail lifestyle section.

The food is good, so come early if you want to eat.  The CD will preview at
8:30, and Coin Gutter will be performing at 9:19.  Precisely.

While the Vanity Records Merchandising Team will be displaying with GAP like
uniformity the musical output of coin gutter, and I'm sure the pressure to
buy CD's will be overwhelming, it is otherwise a free show.

Hope to see you there.

Graeme and Emma

BRAND NEW CD RELEASE! Pigeonless available for download from:
LAST-FM: http://www.last.fm/music/coin+gutter
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