[Microsound-announce] Tea with Rod Summers (VEC Audio Exchange Program, 1978-83)

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SoundBlog :: September 22nd, 2008 [#276]
("Hear What You Think !")

This summer I had tea at Rod Summer's, an audio artist of british origin who has been living and working for most of his life in my native town, Maastricht. I talked with Rod about his career and work, but most about the VEC Audio Exchange Program, an audio mail art project run by him between 1978 and 1983. It comprises a series of 16 audio-cassettes that provide a multifaceted sound portrait of those years. The 16 1/2 hour collection of (mostly) 'home'-recordings nicely feature and illustrate several of the hang-ups and peculiarities of those years, as well as bringing to the fore the great overlap and intricate entanglement of the world of 'young and avantgarde art' with that of post-punk experimental pop in its bloom time, the late 1970s / early 1980s ... Back in Paris there was even more mail art: though it did not make any sound, it stuck thousandfold to the walls of gallery Art de Rien in the rue d'Orsel ... 

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