[Microsound-announce] CONTENTS ONDA SONORA RADIO 10/17-09-08

Onda Sonora Radio ondasonoraradio at yahoo.es
Thu Sep 18 09:26:19 EDT 2008

ONDA SONORA (Experimental Radio Sessions), Madrid (ES) 
·Radio Círculo de Bellas Artes 100.4 FM 
Wednesday. 15h . www.circulobellasartes.com 
www.ondasonoraradio.com· Listen any time http://www.artesonoro.org/archives/category/artesonororadio/radio_ondasonora/



01. IGNATZ (Live in La Boite. 19-09-08. 22:00h + Lsd March & Scumearth)
Track: Rebound From The Cliff / Even In The Old Days / Echo All
Acoustically Correct / Be Careful / She Can Walk Four Miles An Hour /
Silver Moon… Shine Sun! Sun! Sun! / Everyman
Album: St / I Will Soothe My Eye To Feast It With A Sight Of Beauty / Addiction for Slumber / II / Split with Shepherds
Label: Kraak / Celebrate Psi Phenomenon / Imvated / Not Not Fun

02. LSD MARCH (Live in La Boite. 19-09-08. 22:00h + Ignatz & Scumearth)
Track: Nude and Bizarre / Holy Ghost / Musuu No Taiyo / Kimi Wa Tengoku
Album: Kanashimino Bishounen / Nikutai No Tubomi / Constellation Of Tragedy
Label: HP Cycle / Beta-lactam Ring / Important


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