[Microsound-announce] incite/ live-AV at the zxzw

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Fri Sep 12 05:08:00 EDT 2008

incite/ live AV-Performance at zxzw festival in Tilburg, NL

Sunday, Sept. 21 - 7:30pm
deNWEvoorst Theater

Other acts to perform on the festival are: z´ev, Botborg, BlipVert,  
Rob Curgenven, Black to Comm, Nackt Insekten, Kylie Minoise, Usurper,  
Otto von Schirach, Phil Niblock, Sun Ra Arkestra, and many more  
including an "Eurovision Noise Contest" featuring 18 noise artist from  
all over Europe.

eye-catching grayscale audiovisual art
dynamic distorted idm-beats
criss-crossing art and club worlds
creating intense experiences for ears and eyes


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