[Microsound-announce] there a mix around Ryoji Ikeda's earlier works for your listening pleasure

Philippe Petit philippe-petit at wanadoo.fr
Mon Sep 8 02:03:58 EDT 2008


Philippe Petit (re)mix RYOJI IKEDA

Ryoji Ikeda began his activity as a sound artist and DJ in 1990. In  
1994 he began to work as the composer for the multimedia art group  
Dumb Type. Since 1995 he has been intensely active and hailed by  
critics as the most radical and innovative examples of contemporary  
electronic music.


Philippe Petit has been a journalist for various mags and radios, as  
well as a musical activist since 1983 and now celebrates 25 years of  
sharing his musical passions.


Philippe is running the labels Pandemonium Rdz. & BiP_HOp that have  
released more than 80 records up to this day.


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