[Microsound-announce] something else program on wluw.fm chicago - sunday 9/7 - 1o pm will soderberg

williamsoderberg at comcast.net williamsoderberg at comcast.net
Sat Sep 6 21:14:53 EDT 2008

o7  september  2oo8  sunday

something else program on wluw 88.chicago
hosted by philip von zweck

cost: frei

show runs from 1o pm until 2 am, (central)
performance should start somewhere around 10-11pm. ..
will soderberg - micromoog, midi guitar, laptop evangelism, feeled recorderings, kaosses... 

http://www.existentialista.com/~uforika/ samples
http://white-rose.net/sounds.html catalog
http://white-rose.net/shows.shtml forthcoming shows
http://white-rose.net/video.html videography

btw, i am now relocated to suburban chicago, anyone who wants to help the neu gui in town, especially with installation and live performance opportunities... feel frei... 

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