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Hi everyone, just to let you know we have a new issue out, with  
features on the Hypnos label, Gears of Sand and LandOf. Reviews  
feature Mats Gustafsson and Cor Fuhler, Mathieu Ruhlmann and Celer,  
Rothkamm, Joe Frawley.

The audio player is packed with new tracks from the issue, so have a  
browse and enjoy !

"Split LP#3 fearturing Mats Gustafsson and Cor Fuhler" (review)
Narrominded's reputation for eclectic releases is well known and I  
must admit to wondering about their trajectory on occasions. However,  
with the thrash guitars safely locked away, they have handed this new  
Split LP release over to the safe hands of Mats Gustafsson and Cor  
review by Roger Mills

"Drifting through the Gulf Stream - Mathieu Ruhlmann and Celer" (review)
Sound artists Mathieu Ruhlmann and Celer have created Mesoscaphe, a  
sound work dedicated to the voyage of the research submarine Ben  
Franklin, who slipped beneath the surface of the Atlantic in July,  
1969, and drifted northward at a depth of 600-2,000 feet for the next  
month. They capture the submarine's slow motion drift, immersed in the  
swaying and sleeplessness of the journey.
review by Caleb Deupree

"Dreams, Fiends, and Serene: Recent Hypnos Activity" (feature)
The Hypnos label is well known among ambient music fans for a long  
string of high quality releases stretching back over the last ten  
years. Three new releases show the diversity range of Hypnos' ambient  
shades: dark and light, location and studio, serene and infernal.
feature by Caleb Deupree

"Gears of Sand profiled" (feature)
Gears of Sand was founded in 2001 by Delaware-dweller Ben Fleury- 
Steiner, flavours of Cage, Young, Inoue, et al. enriching his musical  
inquiry. By 2004, GoS had become the hub of a net-mediated community  
of artists of the Ambient Drone-zone and Space-ways. A look at the '08  
state of the GOS art follows.
feature by Alan Lockett

"Land Of - Label Feature" (feature)
Based in Brooklyn, New York, The Land Of seeks to find artists who  
explore the beauty in everyday sounds. The label started off as an  
outlet for My Fun, a project by Justin Hardison. It’s now started to  
grow, featuring artists from across the US and beyond. The Land Of’s  
releases are published as both handmade and digital editions, with  
cover design and illustrations created by Kimberly Hall.
feature by Alex Young

"Nebula Temperament – on the tuning of Just 3 Organs (2008)" (feature)
Equal temperament, the status quo of tuning systems in the world,  
divides the octave into 12 equal steps of 100 cents. Alternate tuning  
systems, such as Just Intonation, criticize or correct this because  
intervals are compromised – they fall short of a mathematical or  
perceptual ideal. Compromises are blamed to cause a lot of things  
including “action and violence” in our culture
feature by Frank Rothkamm

"Just 3 Organs - Rothkamm" (review)
Frank Rothkamm is an artist that traverses the boundaries of all the  
media he works with. Composer, conceptual artist, and number cruncher,  
he manages to infuse everything he does with a seeming unlimited  
experimental verve and humour. His recent release Just 3 organs is no  
exception to this, and one could be forgiven for thinking that while  
his tongue might be planted firmly in cheek...
review by Roger Mills

"Resonant Embers - Various" (review)
A retinue of respected sound artists sit in a seditious huddle on  
Resonant Embers. The symbols of alterity they throw up ensure a  
continuous movement, but it's one that will annoy if your searching  
for grand gestures and conciliatory attitudes. This disc is more a  
matter of plentiful rustling, a series of discontinuous clunks,  
warbles, and gurgling irreducible to an identity,
review by Max Schaefer

"The Hypnotist" (review)
Joe Frawley’s latest release, The Hypnotist, melds melodic musical  
fragments and found sounds into a discomforting, meandering narrative  
through the subconscious. This short collection of six tracks (plus a  
bonus remix of Frawley’s earlier work ‘Wilhelmina’s Dream’) takes the  
listener on a slightly disturbing journey.
review by Stacey Sewell

Roger Mills
Editor, Furthernoise

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