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shinkei shinkei at koyuki-sound.org
Tue Sep 2 03:43:05 EDT 2008


to start the upcoming autumn season we have a new on-online release for your pleasure :

Zhagun : XAIOIAX (koy002)
format: mp3 [320 kbps] + flac
free download

New album XAIOIAX is based on the post-suprematism tendencies, microsounds composition, post-futuristic minimalism and sonorism.
In compositions there are used combinations of clear natural electrical rippling without the usage of samples, sequencer, keyboard and field recording.
The main core of the conception are meditation psycho-acoustic structures which consist of various sound pixels and granules that activate processes of consciousness by binaural "Horchen" and reflective complicity in composition minimalistic and microsound space.
The material has been recorded in 2008 and consists of 20 miniatures. 




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