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SoundBlog :: November 26th, 2008 [#283]===============================================))))KINGS, QUEENS & KOONS===============================================))))"In for a penny, in for a pound "... With the family we went on a saturday outing to the Versailles Palace that until the 4th of january 2009 is home to a selection of seventeen kandy-colored sculptures by american postpop- and kitch-art star Jeff Koons .Though very windy and sort of cold, it was a nice day, lots of blue in between the clouds ... Riches to riches ... from surface to surface ... Because of course that it is, and of course that it's not" ... [ permalink : http://www.harsmedia.com/SoundBlog/Archief/00653.php ]--** have a great day!__ Harold Schellinx===================================== * Be an Angel !__ Guard the SoundBlog !__==== http://angelsponsor.soundblog.net =====================================
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