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hi all,

i'm very excited to announce the first physical document of the revenant 
project on prele records in france. the revenant website is also now 
online, and will soon feature info on other revenant projects and many 
workshops that have taken place in estonia, latvia, france, and the 
united states:


prele records, prl005

revenant : topolo
cd +12 page booklet

yannick dauby
olivier feraud
john grzinich
hitoshi kojo
patrick mcginley

“revenant” is an ongoing project with open membership that focuses on 
site-specific acoustic actions, or activated environments. each action 
is a document of a specific moment in time in a specific location. the 
name, "revenant", derives from a concept of spatial memory, or, more 
specifically, of the long-term gestural memory of space; the ability of 
a location to retain an imprint or trace of activity or energy that has 
been present therein. "revenant : topolò" was recorded in a forest near 
the italian village of topolò, not far the slovenien border, during the 
"pushing the medium 3" symposium in october 2006. all sounds originated 
from materials found in-situ, or from the space itself. no overdubbing 
or editing was done in order to document this specific action and 
location in time.

booklet includes images of the site and writings by all five 
participants in a design by hitoshi kojo. from olivier feraud's text:

"Huge pines, chestnuts, beeches, and a few oaks. A vague border. On one 
side a Slovenian village, on the other an Italian one, which our maps 
locate at the end of a cul de sac. Yet between the two, crossing the 
forest, a path connects them and allows a walker to cross this border 
without even realising it. En route for this Slovenian village, on this 
ageless path, having begun in the village of Topolò, bags full of bits 
and pieces: a few biscuits, a recorder, some chocolate, several worn out 
old violin bows. The path becomes ever steeper and more tortuous, 
sometimes blocked by fallen logs, sometimes aided by stone steps barely 
showing. The trees try to tempt us off the path; then one or two of us 
give in to the call of a huge pine standing proudly to one side. We 
approach it; its bark is pierced by a hundred dried twigs, old branches 
that never grew larger and stayed within human reach. With the first 
light touch the tree speaks: a strangled sound pierced through by a note 
both muffled and sharp, a pluck of another twig, a bowing of a third, a 
held frequency, a slight pressure on another until it breaks. Each dried 
branch of this sound-tree gives rise to stammers, murmurs, cries or 
whispers, linguistic trial and error and imaginary articulations..."



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