[microsound-announce] Outside Laboratories at Night

Mike Hallenbeck junior at juniorbirdman.com
Fri Nov 14 15:39:00 EST 2008

[ apologies for cross - posting ]

Hello friends,

Wandering Ear is proud to announce the release of Ernst Karel's "Outside
Laboratories at Night", available now for free mp3 download at

Karel performed this piece live at AS220 in Providence RI on May 26, 2007,
using  modular analog electronics and location recordings made outside
research laboratory buildings at night on the campus of Harvard University.
Electronic synthesis and acoustic environments coalesce gradually at some
points; elsewhere, they reveal themselves by peeling layers away.

Donwload it free here: http://wanderingear.com

And enjoy the other free releases available on the site as well.

Wandering Ear is a net label co-curated by Nathan Larson (Minneapolis MN)
and Mike Hallenbeck (Portland OR), specializing in the release of audio
related to field recording. Featured material ranges from "straight" field
recordings to music, installation audio, video and other media that somehow
integrates such recordings.


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