[Microsound-announce] JTTP 2008 Top 5 in holophon.ca Launch Concert, Regina [15nov]

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JTTP 2008 Top 5 in holophon.ca Launch Concert
Regina SK Canada
Saturday 15 November 2008 | 19:30

The top 5 works as selected by the jury for this 
year's Jeu de Temps / Times Play (JTTP) project 
will be performed in concert this week as part of 
the holophon.ca launch concert.

* Noter que cette année il y a deux gagnants du 
deuxième prix. | * Note that this year there was 
a tie for second place.

    1. Nick Storring -- Artifacts (I) (8:00 / 2007)
    2. Jean-François Blouin -- Catacombes (10:01 / 2007)
    2. Félix-Antoine Morin -- Feed Metal Dirt (7:00 / 2007)
    4. Thierry Gauthier -- [pjanistik] (4:56 / 2006)
    5. Mathieu Arsenault -- Edges (5:35 / 2008)

The CEC is happy to welcome holophon.ca as its 
newest Project Partner and wishes them all the 
best for the launching and subsequent projects.

University of Regina Shubox Theatre
Riddell Centre (bus 3 or 4)
Saturday 15 November 2008 | 19:30
Free admission

The programme features works by Robert 
Normandeau, David Ogborn, and Eric Powell, plus 
diffusions of the 5 winning pieces from JTTP 2008.

A co-production of holophon.ca and the New Media 
Studio Laboratory (NMSL) at the University of 


holophon.ca holophon.ca is a website, concert 
series and audio collective with a focus on how 
sound can interact with us physically and 
spatially. Partnering local sound production with 
international audio movements, holophon.ca 
engages in live diffusion and performance of 
audio works.



More info on the larger JTTP project and its supporters:

Programme notes and composer biographies for all 
JTTP 2008 submissions, as well as a list of the 
Project Partners and jury members is found in 
issue 11.1 of eContact!, the CEC's online journal 
of electroacoustics.

All works from the CEC's annual JTTP project 
appear in SONUS, the CEC's online Jukebox of 
2000+ electroacoustic works (search for "JTTP 
2008" in the "Appeared in" field).


Communauté électroacoustique canadienne (CEC) 
Canadian Electroacoustic Community
http://cec.concordia.ca | RECENT: 
http://cec.concordia.ca/econtact/10_2 (Aug 08)
http://econtact.ca EA journal | http://sonus.ca EA Jukebox
http://cec.concordia.ca/jttp Project for young/emerging sound artists
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