[Microsound-announce] Shut up and Listen! 2008 in Vienna

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Thu Nov 13 16:00:25 EST 2008

Shut up and Listen! 2008

Interdisciplinary Festival for Music and Sound Art, Vienna, Nov.20.21.2008

			small – silent – lowercase

The interdisciplinary festival 'Shut up and Listen!' enters 2008 into its
third season. After 'hoerspiel, radio art and acusmatic music' in 2006, and
'soundscape - field recording - phonography' in 2007, this year's focus is
'small - silent - lowercase'. We'd like to concentrate on 'small sounds',
on music and sound art projects that work with reduced means,
and often take place at the threshold of perception.

Once again, our motto is: Let’s shut up and listen!

Ernst Reitermaier and Bernhard Gál


(Theresianumgasse 35, 1040 Vienna)

Thursday, November 20th, 2008, from 19.30

Dimitrios Polisoidis (GRE/AUT) - Viola: Klaus Lang - ägäische eisberge.
Heribert Friedl / non visual objects (AUT) - Laptop
Berndt Thurner (AUT) - Triangel, Große Trommel:
Werke von Alvin Lucier und Nader Mashayekhi
Klaus Filip (AUT) - Sinus: ein drei fünftel

Quadrophonic sound installation
Martin Supper (GER) geXX

Friday, November 21st, 2008, from 19.30

Tim Blechmann (GER/AUT) - Laptop
Erin Gee (USA/AUT) - Stimme: Mouthpieces
i8u (CAN) - Laptop: 10-33 cm
The International Nothing (Fagaschinski/Thieke, GER) - Klarinetten

Quadrophonic sound installation
Martin Supper (GER) geXX


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