[Microsound-announce] favorite new albums of the week (nov12)

Jeremy Bible experimedia at gmail.com
Wed Nov 12 11:38:15 EST 2008

These two new compilations (my top picks of the week) from two new
labels are absolutely fantastic and they play great back to back.  You
will find many of the same artists on both of these
compilations...with both the label founders, ryonkt and segue, being
on each other's compilations along many other major players on current
ambient scene including celer, chubby wolf, cloudburst, corey fuller,
crossroads ego, elian, entia non, glenn ryszko, ian hawgood, ijo,
offthesky, pawn, porzellan, russel garden, shunji takami, son of rose.
 Its interesting to see how the modern ambient scene is coming
together with many of these artists releasing on the same labels such
as Resting Bell, Infraction, Dragon's Eye, Data Obscura, and
Experimedia.  A great little family of artists coming together and
crossing over.

various artists - sounds of slow flow vol1 - From Ryonkt's new label
Slow Flow Rec out of Sapporo, Japan.
various artists - listen - From Segue's new label out of Washington D.C.

And here a few other fantastic new titles.

eluder - the most beautiful blue - from the Infraction label probably
the leading label of the current ambient scene...and just across town
from Experimedia headquarters.  I was excited to find both of us, two
labels from little Canton, Ohio on Textura.org's 10 favorite labels of
2008 list.

steinbrüchel - home - another beautiful piece of work from
steinbrüchel on the Slaapwel label with some wonderfull packaging (a
small cardboard box with stitched on artwork)
amplifier machine - her mouth is an outlaw - new release on 12k

taylor deupree & kenneth kirschner - may - brand new from Room40

tujiko noriko, lawrence english & john chantler - u - another new
release from Room40

lawrence english - kiri no oto - Lawrence English's fantastic album on Touch.

richard garet - l'avenir - Really enjoying the work of Richard Garet
and the Winds Measure label is a recent discovery that has just blown
me away and great packaging.  (Lawrence English has another really
great album on Winds Measure as well)

Jeremy Bible
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