[Microsound-announce] New Online Gallery Seeks Artist

Thaniel Lee thanielionlee at gmail.com
Sun Nov 9 21:41:13 EST 2008


The KAO gallery is an online gallery that specializes in promoting
artist from the kentuckiana area.
We believe that one way of allowing people from outside of the ohio
valley area to see art from this region is to use the internet to
promote artist from the area. Since we lack the bills and logistical
complications of brick and mortar galleries we can give the artist a
much higher cut of the sales that are generated, plus we can take more
risks and show harder to sell web and conceptual based works.

Group show number one - Out Of Nothing

We are currently seeking artist who make work involving and/or is
about the use of both visual or sonic nothingness. We are greatly
interested in negative space and its use as a metaphor for all things
hidden and ignored. the opening date for the show will be January 1st
2009, and we are seeking atleast twelve artists from in or around the
ohio valley area. the show will run for 30 days. the entry fee for the
show is four dollars, and all money collected from entry fees will be
used to promote the show.

send six images/examples of your work to thanielionlee at gmail.com
send your entry fee via pay pal to thanielionlee at gmail.com

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