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SoundBlog :: November 07th, 2008 [#280]=============================================))))CAKE & COFFEE (Tuned City, Berlin _ii)=============================================))))How 'Obst und Gemuesse' became 'Coffee and Cake', on aurality and living on foot, on speaking spaces and spanish buildings, about bubble wine and infrasound ... on migrating bees without a house and a startrek to Neukölln ...On the first night of Tuned City, this summer in Berlin, it led Rinus van Alebeek and me to a night shop at the border of Kreuzberg. We bought some drinks and sat down next to two big but friendly Germans. "Mok mok jaha!" one of them cheered in Klingonisch. "That means Ruhm und Ehre: mok mok jaha!," he said. "You can learn it" ... The next day my feet hurt a lot ... Mok mok jaha! for das kleine in Berlin was still lying ahead.[ permalink: http://www.harsmedia.com/SoundBlog/Archief/00650.php ]--** have a great day!__ Harold Schellinx===================================== * Be an Angel !__ Guard the SoundBlog !__==== http://angelsponsor.soundblog.net =====================================
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