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Sat Nov 1 15:48:39 EDT 2008

hello list,

adozen.org :: netaudio is really proud to release 24 tracks of beautiful 
electronic intensity by the legendary chris douglas as o.s.t.:
54 minutes sharp of his trademark haunting music -like auditory 
savourings of the multimedia atmospheres developed in synken.

these outtakes are a small selection of the over 600 songs/pieces 
composed for the project synken, a collective creative experience by 
transforma (video) and o.s.t. (music). most of the tracks here are 
played on instruments (piano, organ, melodian, melodica, harmonica, 
vibraphone, guitars, zitars) then processed with either analog or 
digital effects.

after starting anew last year with the synken project, including the dvd 
production and touring through europe, chris douglas makes a shift in 
his production in 2008. two brand new albums are already available: 
waetka (as o.s.t.) on ideal recordings from sweden and ideom (as 
daglish, his more "protorhythmic" guise) on record labels records. and 
there is more to come -chris douglas is back!


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direct downloads:
flac - lossless - 236 mo

mp3 - 256 kbps - 97 mo

stream this release:

the synken website with trailers and 3 bonus tracks:

berlin based video collective transforma:

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