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Tuned City - Between sound and space speculation
1-5 July, 2008
Various locations around Berlin, Germany


Tuned City - Between sound and space speculation is an exhibition and
conference project planned for July 01.-05. 2008 in Berlin which
proposes a new evaluation of architectural spaces from the perspective
of the acoustic.

The project draws the traditions of critical discussion about urban
space within the architecture and urban planning discourse–as well as
its strategies and working methods–into the context of sound art. This
expanded discussion reinforces the potential of the spatial and
communicative properties of sound as a tool and means of urban practice.

At the foundations of this event are artists’ works and theoretical
approaches which examine in a critical and sensitive way the given urban
and architectural situations alongside their resulting socio-political
implications, that re-use existing spaces or that conceive and open new

A dialogue will be built at the intersection of both disciplines which
traces out the complex relations and interactions of space-sound, both
presenting and testing new strategies, methods, possibilities and
potentials of sound work within the artistic and applied context.

Tuned City is structured in two main segments – symposium and
site-specific installations.

On the individual days the symposium will approach the topic from five
different theoretical and spatial perspectives. Spaces built for the
production and reception of sound or acoustically flawed or impossible
spaces, public and semi-public urban space, finished and planned spaces,
wasteland or cultivated spaces, indoors and outdoors – the chosen venues
correspond with the individual topic of the day and offer plastic
illustration and demonstration. Tuned City will try to break down the
conventional conference format and to catalyze the discussion via the
space in a mixture of academic talk, artistic presentation,
performances, reports from working practice, demonstrations, and walks.

The five days will be accompanied by a dense workshop programme and a
performance programme corresponding with the individual topics.

For the programme structure see http://www.tunedcity.de/?page_id=13


     * agf
     * BMB.con
     * Bulles
     * Chris Watson / BJNilsen
     * Farmers Manual
     * Harold Schellinx
     * Jacob Kirkegaard
     * Lasse Marc Riek
     * Mark Bain
     * Martin Howse
     * Richard Francis
     * Scott Arford / Randy Yau
     * Soinu Mapa (Oier Iruretagoiena / Xabier Erkizia)
     * Staalplaat Soundsystem / Lola landscape architects
     * tamtam (David Moss / Michael Moser / Hannes Strobl / Sam Auinger)
     * Thomas Ankersmit / Antoine Chessex
     * The Phonographic Arkestra (Wolfgang Dorninger / Richard Eigner /
Stefan Messner / Joachim Knoll / Stefan Kushima / Michael Petri / Iduna
Sickinger / Johannes Staudinger)


     * Aernoudt Jacobs
     * Akio Suzuki
     * Brandon LaBelle
     * James Beckett
     * Jens-Uwe Dyffort / Roswitha von den Driesch
     * John Grzinich
     * Julien Clauss
     * Mark Bain / b&k / Arno Brandlhuber
     * Nik Hummer
     * raumlaborberlin
     * Raviv Ganchrow
     * Sam Auinger / magma architecture
     * Ulrich Eller
     * Will Schrimshaw


     * Chris Watson
     * Martin Howse
     * Ralf Schreiber / Martin Kuentz
     * Staalplaat Soundsystem / Lola landscape architects / Sound
Studies (UdK Berlin) / TU Berlin / tx - büro für temporäre architektur


     * Altmann, Jürgen / acoustic weapons
     * Amphoux, Pascal / sonic effects and other criteria of public space
     * Ankersmit, Thomas / spatial perception and directional sound
     * Aubry, Gilles / the chant of the buildings - composing with field
     * Behrendt, Frauke / Navigating Hybrid Spaces via Sound
     * Blesser, Barry / spaces speak, are you listening?
     * Bull, Michael / Sound Moves: Media Technologies and Urban Spaces
     * Chelkoff, Grégoire / Listening in Motion
     * Dyrssen, Catharina / into noise
     * Feldmann, Joachim / scientific echo chamber and anechoic chamber
     * Ganchrow, Raviv / phased space
     * Garcia-Abril, Anton / building for sound
     * Hauser, Susanne / the eye, the ear and the big city
     * Hepworth, Katie + Curgenven, Rob / TACIT:TACET: Milan sound atlas
     * Khazam, Rahma / Sounds like Architecture
     * Koelsch, Stefan / from the eardrum to the heart
     * Kursell, Julia / miniature space of the ear
     * Leitner, Bernhard / presentation of the soundspace at TU
     * Martinho, Cláudia / counter tactics
     * Noll, Udo / radio aporee ::: maps
     * Papenburg, Jens Gerrit / Muzak. Zum Hören des Nicht-Hörens
     * Quiring, Björn / The Foundational Sounds of Vitruvius
     * Rambow, Riklef / Rock’n’Roll ain’t Noise Pollution
     * raumlaborberlin / Eichbaumoper
     * Schäfer, Olaf + Walter, Urs / design with sound
     * Sikiaridi, Elisabeth / Morphologies or the Architectures of
Iannis Xenakis
     * Sinclair, Peter + Duque, Alejandoro + Clauss, Julien / locus sonus
     * Sonntag, Jan-Peter / Arbeiten im raum
     * Steinke, Gerhard / the room is the robe of the musics
     * tx - büro für temporäre architektur / wriezener freiraumlabor
     * van der Heide, Edwin / field of overtones
     * Voogelar, Frans / beyond you-topia
     * Watson, Chris / listenining to the city
     * Willecke, Barbara / Nauener Platz

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