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Thu Jun 19 11:57:18 EDT 2008

Dear friends,

We are proud to present two new releases on Nonvisualobjects.


NVO 014

Will Montgomery [ Heribert Friedl ]


Non-Collaboration began as a collaboration between Heribert Friedl and Will Montgomery in spring 2006. Will began by processing some of Heribert's Hackbrett improvisations and adding his own sounds. Over time, it became clear that the two strands of sound - Heribert's acoustic and Will's electronic - weren't working well together. So Will absorbed Heribert's material into his own. The Hackbrett and the pace and shape of Heribert's improvisations have left their mark on these pieces. However, this seed material has become something entirely different. Will Montgomery's electronic compositions explore ideas of musical sequence and texture. He often builds his pieces from quite small musical elements, placing these in unusual and surprising ways. He is interested in combining different kinds of implied musical narrative in relatively short pieces. 
His album Water Blinks was well received on its release in winter 2005. He contributed to the nvo book Extract in 2007. The first part of a project on the audio environments in and around 1960s and 1970s social housing developments can be found on his website, www.selvageflame.com. He is currently working on a project involving processed field recordings for the SNO gallery in Sydney, Australia. A recently completed collaboration with the writer Brian Marley is forthcoming. As a journalist he has written extensively on contemporary music since the early 1990s, mainly for The Wire.


NVO 015

Jos Smolders


By the end of the 80s I produced my first vinyl release, "Freebasing A For Is Me". An album completely free of any preconception, built as an abstract expressionist soundsculpture. Most of the releases after Freebasing have been based on certain material or a working method or structural principles. Sometimes because I needed to contain myself within certain boundaries but most times because I had a certain subject of research in mind (like mono/stereo, or white noise, or the abstraction of human speech). With this collection of compositions I return to the emptiness of "Freebasing". Every composition is just what it is. There are no thoughts other than their sonic relations within the construction. I travel from a hospital ward directly into the intestines of a harmonium. From a street with cafés into a busy railroad, into a lighter into, . et cetera. After the endless process of zooming in and out to get every sound in place I gave a lot of time to the production of this disc. New software (Reaper) has given me better and more precise tools for getting the exact sound that I wanted. About the track titles. I have always been intrigued by language, words and meaning. Several of my seminal works are based on the human voice and on language. Tom Phillips is a British artist working a lot with letters, words and typography. One work particularly intrigued me. During the 70s Mr. Phillips worked on a book in which he reworked existing pages of books. By painting or drawing over the text he erased most of it but left certain word combinations intact. That way "poems" were created. While composing these constructions I learned about Mr. Phillips's work and felt a connection. I too cut parts out of a large "page". That part of a much longer recording is set into a new context but still conveys the meaning it had inside the original context. That's how I came to choose the text bits of one of these "humuments" (No. 6 from the 1st edition) and use them as the titles for the tracks.


The CDs will be released as a limited edition of 300 numbered copies and are available now at our online shop at www.nonvisualobjects.com

For further information please visit www.nonvisualobjects.com or contact us directly at label at nonvisualobjects.com

all the best,

Heribert Friedl, Raphael Moser

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