[Microsound-announce] New Craque on Kahvi: MATERIAL

craquemat craque at craque.net
Tue Jun 17 17:15:09 EDT 2008

Hey friends...

I'm excited to announce a new Craque release on Kahvi Collective, titled 


"Guest artist craque arrives on Kahvi.org with a unique blend of 
textures and IDM elements. Five track 'Material' verges on the style of 
'MigloJE'. Torus Europa sets the scene with its lush, drawn out passages 
of sound and textures and leads into the interesting 'strawberry jam', 
an atonal melody drawing on a paced bass line which makes a nice 
combination and the extraordinary 'organum' (my personal favourite of 
this release) with 'that' sample hook that fits so well with the rest of 
the track. a great first release from craque, perhaps we`ll see more 
from him in the future?"


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