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All For The Terror That Sings Sweetly To You In The Night
3"CDR, (19:48 min)

³Many of the sound tailorings used in these works were resultant from source
material consisting of several recording sessions involving a flock of black
birds that routinely roost within the building architecture in the downtown
district of Kansas City at night. I found this series of recordings to be
absolutely fascinating, as the chatter and cross talk between this rather
charged group of birds seemed to assume a definitive dialogue, as they
seemed to banter back and forth endlessly. Given this, I began manipulating
them further and integrating them into other recordings. As I began to work
more and more with these pieces, I felt there was a sense of almost primeval
sophistication to the quality of these recordings; a direct contradiction
however the notion of this became the source from which the names for the
track listings emerged. Confidence, cunning and endurance: All for the
terror that sings sweetly to you in the night.³ Christopher McFall, 2008,
Many Thanks To God, Asher, Juan Jose Calarco and Gregory Buttner.

Confidence 7Œ29
Cunning     5Œ44
Endurance  6Œ35

About the Artist:
Christopher McFall is a sound artist working out of Kansas City, USA. His
primary methods of working involve the use of computer-based programming
techniques, which are applied to art of processing sounds from field
recordings and then re-combining them in a multitrack format. The main
motivation behind Christopher¹s workings revolve around the desire to
manipulate/engineer recorded aspects of the macroscopic world around him
into a microscopic mosaic. Christopher has released CD¹s previously with
Gears of Sand (GoS) Recordings, Entr¹acte and online releases by labels
like: Homophoni, and/OAR, Mandorla, Con-v, and many more.

You can listen to a excerpt on

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