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Nikita Golyshev musica_excentrica at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 8 17:00:43 EDT 2008

  Musica Excentrica presents new release:
  CD-R and Quest.Room.Project - "Digital Snow"
  Nikita Golyshev, known as CD-R, and Bogdan Dullsky (Quest.Room.Project)  met virtually and have recorded an album. First, they share music file  sources in the net, and then processed with real-time sound recordings  through peer-to-peer connection.
  The result is a collage of acoustic and digital pieces, gathered in one snowfall.
  Visit release page:
  Download full release in ZIP (mp3 320 kbps):
    Download full release in ZIP (FLAC Loseless):
  Musica Excentrica
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