[Microsound-announce] BiP_HOp Generation Radio show ::: May 2008 Playlist

Philippe Petit philippe-petit at wanadoo.fr
Mon Jun 2 08:59:45 EDT 2008

BiP_HOp Generation on Radio Grenouille  //  88.8 FM
Sunday evenings  : 19:30 - 21:00 PM  //  Marseille  //  France

May  2008 Playlist

ARTIST      ALBUM     label

Nurse With Wound : zero mix (Beta Lactam Ring)
Hauschka : a room to expand (FatCat)
Steve Von Till : a grave is a grim horse (Neurot)
Nadja : skin turns to glass (The End)
Maninkari : le diable avec ses cheveaux (Conspiracy)
Faust : patchwork (Staubgold)
Kling Klang : the esthetik of destruction (Rock Action)
Virgin Passages : distance (Fire)
Dr Atomik : s/t (Hitch Hyke)
Comfort : eclipse (Psychotica)
Omma : with our own eyes (Ankh)
Jarboe & Justin K Broadrick : j2 (The End)
Satanicporncultshop : takusan no ohanasan (Vivo)
Gerry Mitchell & Little Sparta : the ragged garden (Fire)
Port-Royal : flared up (Resonant)
Off The Sky : it is impossible to say just what I mean (Stilll)
Daturah : reverie (Golden Antenna)
VA. Sartorial sampler (Sartorial)
Baja : wolfhour (Other-Electricities)
Sotiris Debonos : far west (Hitch Hyke)
Starting Teeth : I won't do anything I can do (Creaked)
Robin Saville : peasgood nonsuch (Static Caravan)
Knell : last ten meters (Utech)
Terry Edwards & the Scapegoats : 681 at the southbank + plays,  
salutes & executes (Sartorial)
Yoshio Machida : hypernatural #3 (Baskaru)
VA. Round Black Ghosts (Scape)
Oophos : an aerial view (extract) (Glacial Movements)
Crackle : heavy water (Slowfoot)
Hans Tammen : endangered guitar processing (NurNichtNur)
Hans Tammen : endangered guitar (NurNichtNur)
DJ Donna Summer : panther tracks (Cock Rock Disco)
Fenin : been through (Shitkatapult)
Three Second Kiss : long distance (Africantape)
Jull : _de la neige et des océans (L'Amicale Underground)
Pale Man Made : oh, my treasured things (Pinch)
Anal.G.Zick : shaver_infection (Ana)

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