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music music at ambientglitch.net
Sat Feb 16 08:25:09 EST 2008

--I have listed 145 items on ebay at the moment. All in very good 
--Two-thirds CD, one-third vinyl. 80% IDM/ambient/glitch but also a few 
post-rock, dubstep and 1970s dub.

65daysofstatic, Arovane, Arvo Part, Bola, Burial, Carbon Based 
Lifeforms, cvc313, Deepchord, Digitonal, EU, Funckarma, The Green 
Kingdom, Grouper, Hauschka, John Beltran, Juan Atkins, King Tubby, Maps 
& Diagrams, Machinefabriek, Mitchell Akiyama, Murcof, Off the Sky,  
Remote, Red Sparowes, Rod Modell, Scanner, Signer, Shuttle 358, Vessel, 
William Basinski, Windy & Carl
12k, Apestaartje, Anticipate, Benbecula, Blood & Fire, Cactus Island, 
City Centre Offices, Databloem, DiN, Expanding, Infraction, 
intr_version, Kranky, Meanwhile, Merck, Moteer, Miasmah, n5md, Neo 
Ouija, Ninja Tune, Preservation, Raster Noton, Rephlex, Skam,  
Smallfish, Toytronic, Type Records, Ultimae, Warp, Western Vinyl
Auctions end: 
Wednesday 20-Feb-08 20:00 GMT


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