[Microsound-announce] looking for shows in Europe or the coastal areas of the usa

Thaniel Lee thanielionlee at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 09:11:01 EST 2008

i would like to do an art show in which i e-mail a file to the gallery and
the gallery prints out the contents of the file on a standard printer or
burns the media file [.wav or .avi] onto a cdr and plays the file on a
cd/dvd player. this show will consist of 21 pdf files and maybe 2 wav or avi
files, and i would email the place that the show will be a standard
compressed file or i will set up a place on my website in which the show
could be downloaded . i would like to do the very late this year or early
next, but before i do the work i would like to find a place that may be
interested in showing said show/works.

your fellow artist/friend
thaniel ion lee

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