[Microsound-announce] [exc011] oxy "Rved.Tha" (EP)

Nikita Golyshev musica_excentrica at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 3 16:15:48 EST 2008

Hi, everyone!

Musica Excentrica returns to netlabelism planet with a
new "Rved. Tha" EP by oxy: six conceptual remixes of
the cult russian band Zvuki Mu, made by Ivan
Pavlov(also known as COH.

“Rved. Tha” EP has been recorded in December 2002. It
was inspired and based upon an ELECTRO T. – an album
by a rather infamous Russian artist ZVUKI MU. “Rved.
Tha” EP re-interprets the first six pieces from the
album, exclusively utilizing the sound of these. The
duration of each “remake” is equal to that of the
original and the titles are intended to reinterpret
the original titles.

Listen and Download at featured micro-site:

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